Pre-Assessment and Tiered Assignments

Pre-Assessment and Tiered Inst.pdf
Copy of Differentiating Strategies

Note Taking

Please make a copy

Follow Along

This is a PDF of the slides we are viewing today. Links and videos should be active. 


Parent Note: Pre-Assessment

Pre-Assessment Guide

Pre-Assessment Guide

This is a shared google doc. Please make a copy to make any edits. 

Tiered Assessment handout

Template for Creating 

Tiered Lessons

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Blooms Verb Wheel

Bloom's Wheel

Bloom's Taxonomy Action Words.pdf

Bloom's Taxonomy and Action Verbs

Independent Study Resources

Reproducable pages from "Differentiation in Today's Classroom" by Carol Ann Tomlinson

Menus - a few examples

Provided by Laurie Westphal

Cubing Resources

This is a shared google folder. Please make a copy to make any edits. 

The Eight Steps to Curriculum Compacting _ The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (1990-2013).pdf

8 Steps to curriculum compacting

Article by Dr. Renzuli


a video by Susan Winebrenner

Resources to learn more about student research on guided topics or passion projects.

Independent Investigation Method (iim, read double I, Em) is a terrific way for students to learn the research process. This is a s'more I found that is well created to explain iim.

This is a google site I found that has excellent information about passion projects

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