Icons of Depth & Complexity

DC Icons.pdf

A Description and Overviw of the Icons

Question Stems Only.pdf

Sentence Stem Examples for each icon

Explanations and Guides

These are resources to help you get started or help your students to better understand the icons. Use them how you see fit. 

Copy of New and Improved Depth and Complexity 1-Pager.pdf

One Pager

Definition, key words, sample

Copy of Depth & Complexity Student Help Sheet EN & SP.pdf

Student Help Sheet

English and Spanish - description of icon and keywords

Depth and Complexity Icons Cheat Sheet.pdf

Student Help Sheet - English

Copy of Spanish Depth & Complexity Student Help Sheet EN & SP

Spanish only Student Sheet

History, Social Studies and the Icons

Social Studies Examples

Language Arts and the Icons

Language Arts Examples

science and the icons

Science Examples

math and the icons

Math Examples


This google folder has many examples and templates for using frames with the icons.

Copy of Introducing Frames-for-Training-Thinking-Tools.pdf


Google Folder with icon jpegs 

If you use google, this is a google extension that has a drop down menu of all icons and you can easily copy and paste them into your work.